2022 Report on Bosnia and Herzegovina (debate) #NeverForgetSrebrenica

My speaking time on 12/07/23 in the European Parliament on the 2022 report on Bosnia and Herzegovina. My demand to the Commissioner: let’s sanction Dodik and his blatant secessionist policy!

On July 11, 1995, the most serious war crime since the end of World War II began in Srebrenica. During the massacre, which was to last 8 days until July 19, 8000 Bosniaks -mostly men- were murdered by the army of Republika Srpska.

A terrible crime, but not the only one during the war. Currently, politicians like Dodik are fueling hatred and retraumatizing survivors and their descendants with their nationalist policies.

Therefore, we must not forget this and other crimes, but should stand united against nationalism – also the EU has a responsibility. #NeverForgetSrebrenica