The situation in the Strait of Taiwan

For the EU Taiwan is a likeminded partner with whom we share good economic relations, but even more importantly, a common interest in defending human rights, the rule of law and democracy. This is why this Parliament has consistently stood in favour of enhancing the EU’s support for Taiwan’s democracy in the context of our own one China policy. Unilateral changes of the situation in the Taiwan Straits will continue to meet our strong opposition. We fully condemn the PRC’s threat of the use of force, their continuous provocations and the escalation of threats from Beijing against Taiwan, which are completely unjustified and an escalation of choice. We want to signal to Beijing that a strategy of aggression would come with a very high price for the PRC itself, and we want to deter them from undermining security and peace in the region. Parliamentary diplomacy has to play a central role in this regard. We will continue travelling to Taiwan. We will invite the Taiwanese parliament, we will organise a parliamentary week and we will all make efforts to convince our colleagues in national parliaments to form a strong phalanx of solidarity with Taiwan.