Presentation of BusinessEurope’s China Strategy Paper : “The EU and China: Addressing the Systemic Challenge”

2020 will be a year of intense EU-China exchanges including three summits. BusinessEurope is opening a very interesting conversation and enriching the economic and the political debates with its “The EU and China: Addressing the Systemic Challenge” new strategy paper on China.

I therefore invited Luisa Santos (Director of International Relations) and Maurice Fermont (Adviser on Trade and Investment Policy) from BusinessEurope to present and discuss their strategy paper on Wednesday, 22 January, in the Representation of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia to the EU.

Sabine Weyand (DG Trade), Fabian Zuleeg (EPC) and Sabine Stricker-Kellerer (SSK-Asia, Merics) commented the findings of the strategy paper from their perspectives, which were thereafter discussed with all participants.

You can find the strategy paper here.